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Clicking within the yellow will display a 1945 photo-map for the area selected which is clicked on again to bring up the original detailed photomap for that area.
[ About the photo-maps ]

About the Melbourne 1945 photo-maps.
The 1945 photo-maps of Melbourne were produced by the Victorian Department of Lands and Survey from aerial photography taken by Adastra Airways in 1945. Each photomap covers an area approximately 3km north-south by 5km east-west.

  • We have more photomaps of rural Victoria at later dates. These we can not put online due to copyright restrictions. More infomation on our holdings of aerial photograpy from our LibGuide including indexes to collection holdings.
  • To view the library catalogue record for the photo-maps click here.



Q: Where can I get addition historical aerial photography like this of Melbourne?
A: The State Library of Victoria has: Victorian aerial photo mosaics 1930-1940's on CD-ROM.
Otherwise this material is hard to find as the chemicals used to process photography were very volitile and not conductive to a long life of the material. See Department of Sustainability & Environment - Aerial Photography for further information.

Q: Is there more historical aerial photography available online of Melbourne?
A: Not that we're aware of. If you do find some please tell us so we can tell everyone about it!

Q: Have you got more information about aerial photophaphy and your holdings?
A: Yes. The page of Aerial Photography is linked from the Map Collection Home Page.

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